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I am a graduate student at Universtiy of California San Diego. Previously I was a Software Developer at Nutanix where I developed enterprise grade applications and user experiences to ease data centre operations and cloud data management. My interests span around Distributed Systems, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I enjoy learning new technologies.

Reseach and Projects

Smart Environment Monitoring System - (2013 - 2015)

An IoT based smart interactive system that was initially designed to solve the problem for smart autonomous irrigation. Later the prototype evolved into solving general problems of the society like traffic, parking etc. The idea won the second best innovation at ARM Tech Symposia 2014. I also presented the idea at the IET South Asia Regional Finals of ‘Present around the World’ conference where it received positive feedback. I was responsible for adding the Artificial Intelligence-based prediction models using data mining and pattern recognition. The product was recently adopted by a startup accelerator and is being evaluated to be manufactured in bulk.

Wisdom of Crowds (2014 - 2015)   https://wisdomofcrowds.stanford.edu

Wisdom of Crowds I was selected as part of the Aspiring Researchers Challenge to be part of the Data Science Research project where under the guidance of Dr. Sharad Goel from Stanford University, we designed an online game that systematically investigates the wisdom of crowds effect. I actively participated in the research, initially exploring existing research, composing a short literature survey and later using the insights to propose experiments to evaluate the thesis of the study. At the conclusion of the challenge, I co-authored a work in progress paper which was accepted at Adjunct Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology, UIST. Read more about this here.

Stanford Scholar (2015 - 2016)   https://scholar.stanford.edu

Stanford Scholar is a initiative by Stanford researchers to make research more accessible. Being one of the first participants, I contributed towards the advanced Python course where I received the highest number of "thank you"s - an acknowledgment each person receives from another. I also contributed in prototyping and developing an interactive learning system that provided a platform to host courses with interactive quizzes and assignments which was appreciated by the community. Selected as one of the admins for the bitcoin course, I was able to streamline creation of quality content and workflow. Being an active member of the community I also assumed the role of a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) and played a significant role in shaping the pilot effort of the research talk series where I was involved in brainstorming and organizing ideas from reputed research papers. Read more about this here.

Object Tracking in Distributed Camera Networks (2014 - 2015)

Distributed Camera Networks As computing is becoming cheaper and cheaper everyday, using a distributed camera network for tracking objects in a environment is becoming incumbent. As my final year project I pursued research in evaluating the need of distributed camera networks in object tracking and analysing different algorithms that can be leveraged to distrbute compute of the tracking process. At the culmination of the research I co-authored a survey paper which buttressed the need for distributed computing of location of objects tracked in a multi camera environment. Read more about this here.


Year Publication

Mysore, A. S., Yaligar.. Ashrith Sheshan, Sup.. et al. “Investigating the Wisdom of Crowds at Scale”, 28th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology.

2015 Ashrith Sheshan, Abhishek K, Ashish Rawat, Aditya Tiwari, Jyothi S Nayak “A Study on Real-time Object Tracking in Distributed Networks”, Vol. 15 Issue 05 of International Journal of Computer Science & Management Studies. Read

Other Projects


Coditor - 2014

A Light weight IDE for the Linux’s GNOME Desktop Environment which supports editing and execution of major languages like C, CPP, Java and Python.

Python Interactive Learning System

Developed a MOOC portal for hosting courses online. Hosted the python extended course developed as part of the Stanford Scholar Initiative.

Quest Connect - 2014

Online skill matching service developed for an NGO called Quest Alliance. Adjudged the winner of "J.P. Morgan Code for Good" Hackathon for the contribution.

Compus Connect - 2014

Academic networking portal developed to ease the experience and networking at college.

Hitchhike - 2014

Android application developed to help users carpool based on the their location and workplace. Represented college for "IBM - The Great Mind Challenge - 2014".

Seekha - 2014

Academic portal for Centre for Development and Advanced Computing(C-DAC) that helps users find researchers with similar interests.




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